Lokale kleinschalige energieproductie in de stad van de toekomst

Een aardig artikel op de website van Scientific American over de energieproductie zoals die zich af zal tekenen in de steden van de toekomst, maar nu zich al begint te ontwikkelen: kleinschalig en lokaal. De ontwikkeling die gaande is, is er één in de richting van “distributed energy”:

“Though it takes many forms, distributed energy boils down to two basic strategies: The first is to harvest as much power as possible locally, close to where it is consumed, from small-scale, low-carbon sources. The second is to wring the maximum amount of useful work out of every unit of energy available. The overarching goal is to create resilient, self-reliant cities prepared for the economic and political volatility ahead in the 21st century.”

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